A Beauty Story

My mom never encouraged playing with make-up that I can remember; I don’t have memories of looking in mirrors, tracing my lips with her Maybelline. Instead she encouraged me to look at the inside of myself vs. the outside, and not just look, but to cultivate that space, too. So my school-year Saturdays were spent escaping the pressures and particulars of being a teenage girl by taking care of my horse. I cleaned her stall and lifted hay bales that weighed more than I did. I groomed her for hours, and rode her for hours, too, the sun on my back, the wind in my face, hair and heart flying.

I still soar at the thought of it.

But since I spent most of my early years hanging out with horses, I’ve spent a fair amount of time as a young woman learning how to cultivate my face. Let me just say: Good make-up is definitely an art, and it’s actually an important factor in creating beautiful photos. I was lucky to spend some time recently with Joanne Wetzel of Joanne Maye Beauty. Jo has a natural hand, values beauty that goes beyond skin deep and, when I asked her if she would share some basic beauty tips, didn’t miss a beat. Hope you guys enjoy and if you want more tips, check out Jo’s new online education platform here.



For an everyday brow, select a brow powder in the shade of your hair color. For very dark brows, opt for a dark brown or medium powder instead, so your brows aren’t too stark. Brush brows upward and out before filling in to determine best shape. Dip a stiff, angled eyeliner brush in powder, tap off the excess, and then working in short strokes in the direction of the hair growth, begin to fill in the brow. Be sure to use light pressure to ensure the product isn’t too heavy. Fill in where there are gaps in the hair, or where you need more fullness. Fill in the hair closest to the inner corner of the brow as light as possible so your brow doesn’t have harsh lines or edges. Blend out with a mascara wand or eyebrow brush.

Brows1 (1)


Try 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel & Sigma Beauty E75 Angled Brow Brush


Primer does make a difference, whether you’re using concealer, foundation, cream eyeshadow base, or a true eyeshadow primer. These bases allow the shadow to be true to color, and blend onto the eye seamlessly, creating a great starting point for your eyeshadow. Apply your primer with your ring finger to get the most even application that settles right into the skin. Allow it to dry for thirty to forty-five seconds. Priming will keep your eyeshadow from becoming clumpy in some areas, provide maximum pigmentation, and creates a long-wearing look that’s easy to build upon.


Try Alima Pure Eye Primer


For the most ease, control, and longevity, opt for a gel or cream eyeliner. With a rounded eyeliner brush, dip the brush in your product, remove the excess eyeliner on a tissue or palette, and then, in short strokes starting at the outer corner of the eye, build your line bit by bit.


Try Jane Iredale ‘Jelly Jar’ Eyeliner in BlackSigma Beauty E05 Eyeliner Brush


Starting with eyes and brows first will save you a ton of time in clean up later if you’ve got fall out from your eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner application. Your eyes are the first things someone sees, so make it a point to spend the most time in your beauty routine on a great eyeshadow application, not the base!


Use the most product towards the center of the face or where you need the most coverage. Blending out the excess foundation on the foundation brush around the outside of the face gives a more natural look without harsh foundation lines.


Try Beautycounter Tint SkinSigma Beauty F60 Foundation Brush


Use the down-and-out method: Take a denser blush brush, pick up your favorite blush color, swirl brush into blush, tap off excess product, and on the apple of the cheeks move your brush downward and out. This give you a perfectly placed cheek with concentration of color right where your natural “blush” is.


Try Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush, Sigma Beauty F10 Powder/Blush Brush

Joanne Wetzel is a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist in the Raleigh, NC area. Her focus is on clean beauty as well as educating women how to feel confident and radiant in their daily life. Find out more about Joanne by visiting her website and check out her online makeup education platform and current class offerings here