I’m Sara Coffin, a wedding, life, and style photographer based in Raleigh, NC.
(But don’t get hung up on geography if you dig my work; I live to travel for love and other stories.)
Those dudes up there? They’re my men: my husband, Justin, and my dog, Beamer. And before you ask, no we didn’t name him after a BMW. We didn’t name him at all actually, it was the name he came with. After driving to Charleston, SC to pick him up, and seeing what a goofy ball of fur (fur real, so much hair) and straight up love he was, we decided it suited him. And that he suited us. So this is my family. That is my house. These are my memories, the kind that I want to make for you, whether that’s on your wedding day or your one year anniversary. Whether it’s a shoot just for you, just because, or a session for a special occasion, I’m your girl. Because if there’s one thing I know: It’s all special, the big moments and the small.
And I want you to remember all of it.