Meet the Team


Owner & Photographer

I’m Sara, a lifestyle and brand photographer and educator, a writer that lives by this truth: That serving people well and delivering a great product will take you - and your business - as far as you could ever want to go.

Over the last decade, I've made creating beautiful, quality images and focusing on an excellent client experience the cornerstone of my business.

My biggest fear is walking through this world unseen, so I've made it my mission to see you. Getting to know you, witnessing your existence, capturing it on camera, that - not taking photos - is my dream.

Thanks for being here; it means the most.


Social Media Strategist & Manager

Shelby has been working with the SC team for the last year as our social media strategist and manager. If you've seen a reel, or a well-executed campaign posted on Instagram in the last year, it's thanks to Shelby.

Her favorite part about content creation and social management? Reels. "They're my favorite form of posts these days because of how versatile they can be and how the algorithm treats them. So many small businesses have seen tremendous growth thanks to video-format posts alone!"