I'm Sara,

a writer that found her purpose in pictures.

My biggest fear is walking through this world unseen, so I've made it my mission to see you. Getting to know you, witnessing your existence, capturing it on camera, that - not taking photos - is my dream.

I have a daughter; she's named after a windy, independent little town in my favorite state: Montana. My husband and I grew up 20-minutes and a world away but when we finally found each other it was, as they say, love at first sight. Me? I'm both country girl and city mouse, a lover of shared meals and Bluegrass, of designing my house.

Thanks for being here; it means the most.

Portrait of woman on gray background

This is Devin,

my associate photographer. When we first met, we showed up to her interview wearing the same outfit. She was quiet; I talked too much. It was kismet.

Two years later, we've worn the same outfit to the same place so many times I've lost count. She's shown herself to be dedicated, hardworking, and as trust-worthy and true as I could've ever hoped.

I'm beyond being able to express how blessed I am to have her on my team.

Devin loves queso, her Chameleon, Carlos, her fur child, Winston, and her husband, Austin, too. Maybe even in that order, but you'll have to ask her. She also got her hair cut right after we took these photos so when you meet her it will probably be shorter, and mine will probably be longer.

That's life though, no?

Portrait of woman on gray background

And this is us.

Portrait of two women on gray background



“Working with Sara has been nothing short of a pleasure. Not only is she a talented photographer, but also a great communicator who is very attentive to my needs. Devin joined the team soon after Sara and I began working together and she has been just as great and easy to work with. I am so happy I decided to work with Sara and Devin, as our long-term relationship has truly added value to my business.”

—Olivia | Madison Boutique