July 15, 2021

How to: Photography Styling

Brand, Business

Bonnie's Blooms is all about preserving your wedding flowers and turning them into lasting works of art. She's based out of Raleigh, NC but serves clients from all over the US. The goal for this shoot was simple: Bonnie wanted clean, high quality imagery of her custom frames to easily photoshop photos of her floral preservations into. We shot a few variations and included styled images using books, candles, and of course flowers. It was a great morning in her cozy home office chatting, styling, and photographing her beautiful work.



Photography Styling Tips

For this shoot my role was focused around styling the products! Here are 3 tips I have for styling products for photos:

  1. Keep the product the main focus. Add in details that compliment the product not overpower it!
  2. Think about the story the product tells. These frames will find their home on a bookshelf or desk, so we styled them with objects you might find on a bookshelf or desk to help the customer imagine the product in their own home.
  3. Pay attention to the small details. Does the flower have stray leaves on the stems? Is the book slightly unaligned from the rest? The small details may not seem important but they can affect the overall image. It is tedious work but it is always better to take the time to fix those details in the moment than wish you had once the images are delivered and all you can see is that one stray leaf, haha.

Lighting Set-Up

Bonnie's office offered great morning light and we were so excited to shoot and style her frames. We ultimately chose to shoot in this spot - on the wall with the window to the right - to achieve that clean minimalistic look Bonnie was envisioning for her images however there wasn't even light in this spot.

If you take a look at the images above you can see the light is filtering in from her office window to the right. To create even light on Bonnie's frames we set up the reflector on the left of the frames to bounce the light coming from her window back onto the frames. It's subtle but it makes a huge difference when you start editing photos!


If it's a cloudy day and you find you need a little extra fill light:

  1. Put a speedlite on your camera.
  2. Point it up and slightly behind you.
  3. Power down a few stops so it's not too bright.

This works great in all-white spaces like Bonnie's but you'll want to be mindful if the walls are colored or wood; different colors will often color-cast onto the product which can alter the true color - something you want to avoid so you can show the product as accurately as possible to potential clients.