June 30, 2021

Tips for Photographing Boutiques

Fashion, Business

Hi guys! Devin here. While Sara is out on maternity leave, I'll be shooting for one of our regular clients, Charley Madelyn, so I wanted to take you along on my process for shooting for boutiques. Scroll for some of my favorite images from our recent session and my the things I keep top-of-mind when shooting apparel and products.

Charley Madelyn is a faith & fashion boutique located in the Village District shopping center in Raleigh, NC. The owner, Chelsea, is a dear friend of ours and we have had the pleasure of photographing her for a several years now. Last year in the midst of the pandemic she launched Charley Madelyn as an e-commerce shop. Fast forward a few months and she was able to open a brick & mortar store and we have loved watching her business flourish!

The Process

When shooting apparel or lifestyle images for a boutique, keep in mind: clothing is the main focus. Once I have a look at the outfits and talk over the vision of the shoot with the client we will choose our locations. This particular shoot was for new spring and summer arrivals so I wanted to incorporate florals and bright colors into the images. When picking a location is it also important to choose a spot that doesn't overpower the clothing or model but instead enhances the outfit.

Finding the perfect light is another a big contributor to choosing a certain location. Direct sun can be harsh and blow out any patterns or designs on an outfit. Shade is my best friend because it creates bright even light without blowing out the detail in the outfit. The images pictured above were all shot in a shaded area and you can see how the light is even throughout the images. Shooting backlit is also a nice option, this is where the sun is behind your model like the photo below on the left.

Lastly, I always keep in mind how the images are going to feel when someone sees them. Charley Madelyn is a bright, bubbly and girly boutique and I want the images to reflect that! I will often ask the models to laugh and move around to give the images that happy playful look.