July 15, 2021

Tips for Photographing Brands

Fashion, Brand, Business

Every once in awhile Sara and I will have a quick shoot, I'm talking 15 minutes max, to grab photos for social and this shoot happened to be one of them! Would you believe me if this dreamy location was in Downtown Raleigh? Sara needed a few images of her Everlane jeans to share on Instagram and when thinking of the perfect backdrop this spot came to mind. We're big into crisp whites and desert greens, even if they are located on the corner of a busy downtown intersection haha. Do it for the 'gram though am I right?



Photographing Products for Brands

  1. Focus on the product. Seems obvious but when you're photographing for a brand that product needs to be front and center! If the product has a tag/logo/detail that represents the brand try and catch it in the photo without it being super obvious. In the photos of Sara you can see the Everlane tag on her jeans but it doesn't look like we staged it that way. Instead Sara just looks like she's taking a leisurely walk in her favorite jeans!
  2. Pay attention to the brand's social style. Do they use bright colors or neutral tones? Are the photos playful or moody? Once you have that information you can choose your location and get an overall feel for how the photos should be represented.
  3. Photograph the product in use. This helps the customer get a better feel for the product and it can help them imagine themselves using it, too!

Quick Posing Tips for Brand Photos

  1. Highlight the product details. In Sara's photos you can clearly see the stitching details, wash, and style of the jeans.

Make it a point to capture those details.

  1. Move around. To get those candid/real life photos you have to move around. You'll feel silly and most of the photos won't be good but there is always a handful that are captured at the exact right moment that make it all worth it.
  2. Get inspiration. Go to the brand's social page and grab inspiration from the photos they already have.

Try out some of the same poses and add your own flair!