Why You Should Print Your Images

September 24, 2021 Business, Products

As a creator of digital images, this title might be a bit confusing: Print them, you say? What's the point? I can't Instagram/Facebook/scroll through printed images. And you're right - you can't. We live in a digital era; there's no escaping that or the need for delivering digital copies of images. But we're also physical beings, living and breathing in real-time, inhabiting the present moment, residents of the here and now. And as such, no digital image will replace the physical act of leafing through your memories in a beautifully-bound book, or slowly shuffling through your remembrances in 4x6 prints.

Seven years into my marriage, I've printed exactly two of my wedding images. Two.

When I want to look at photos from our wedding day, I have to find the hard drive they're stored on and clumsily scroll them online.

They're beautiful there on my screen, but I wish I had an album that I could quickly pick up, or a box of prints I could pull down from a shelf and shuffle.

As a photographer, I have access to creating all these things for myself, but seven years later I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't made it a priority. As a client, I wish I had asked my photographer to create one of these heirloom products for me from the beginning.

That's why last year I started offering two digital/print combinations for my clients: One including a 4x4 custom-made album in covers ranging from leather to Japanese silk, the other an heirloom proof box holding every image in your proofing gallery as a lightly-edited 4x6 print. The amazing KISS books products are professional-grade and handcrafted in Indianapolis, Indiana, and are as much a work of art as the images and memories they house.

If you think I'm just using handcrafted as a buzz word, check this out: When I ordered the proof box you see in these image for my newborn client, and told them I only had around 150 images to store, my rep informed me that the box was typically spec'd for larger batches of images, but that she'd ask the team to make mine a bit smaller to accommodate and better fit my client's collection. Each and every item is truly made by hand, custom, for you.

While I love albums, the offer I'm perhaps most proud of is the proof box: If you've ever received your proofing gallery and wondered how you're going to pick just 20, now you don't have to. With the proof box you can have a physical copy of every image in your proofing gallery as a lightly edited 4x6 print. These images will not be delivered as digital files - you'll still received a specified amount of retouched digital images - and they won't be retouched. But they won't be wasting away on one of my hard-drives. They'll live with you, every one of them, a tangible reminder of the not-so-perfect moments that make a life.

I can't think of a better way to cherish your investment.

If you want to explore adding an album or proof collection to your session, I'm happy to talk with you more in detail about your options! Just tap the contact tab on the right to send me an email and I'll be in touch.