Jessi | Charlotte Style Session

Originally I was going to show y’all something from each of the three looks from this session, but this look just stole the show for me in so many ways. While the other images are also awesome, they just don’t give me the feels like these do.

So, those of you that checked out my IG post before heading here will see why Jessi and I were giggling about her looking like a pilgrim. And as if the high neck and pleats weren’t enough, Jessi couldn’t find a pair of shoes she liked so she threw on these buckled beauts and begged me not to photo her feet.

I didn’t – at first.

But the more we worked the more those boots grew on me, and finally I couldn’t help myself. I HAD to do a full bod. Lucky for us it worked out, just like everything else about this look, incongruous as it seemed, worked out, too.

That’s what I’m getting at: You can have a plan, you probably should have a plan. But you also have to be open to where creativity takes you within that plan. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert says “I believe that inspiration will always try its best to work with you..” and I believe she’s right. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way, to show up prepared to do the work with an idea in mind, and let inspiration have its way with us.

To be honest – and I promised y’all I was going to start being more real around here – sometimes when I’m working with a client my brain freezes up. The simple notion that someone is paying me to do a job is enough to sometimes freeze-frame my creativity. I don’t think anyone really notices me skip a beat. But I notice. And when it happens I know that while I’ll deliver pretty, solid work, that I maybe, creatively, I won’t deliver everything that I’m capable of.

That right there kills me.

I went into this session with Jessi wanting to try something different, to shoot in some light that wasn’t all soft, to use back-drops and locations I wouldn’t typically choose, to create something that was beyond expectation or reproach simply because it was mine. What I left with wasn’t just a set of beautiful images:

It was a permission slip.

So if you hear me ask for a minute during your session, or see me wandering around assessing the light and lines of a location longer than normal, or notice that maybe I’m not shooting a million frames per second, know it’s not because I’m not prepared, or because I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s because I’m trying to make space for inspiration to show up so I can stop just making pretty pictures for you, and start creating some f*ing awesome art.

Whatever your medium, I hope you’ll give yourself permission – and space – to do the same.