A Rebranding Story

My sweet friends, Jenny and KP (their gorg Tulum elopement coming soon) jokingly call me Sara-Logan-Wilson-Coffin. 

For the longest time, no-one really knew what my name was. You’re Sara Wilson? But your business is Sara Logan. And wait, didn’t you get married? Yea.

After five years and a marriage my business name just wasn’t working anymore.

Toward the end of last year, when someone introduced me as Sara Logan (for the umpteenth time) and I didn’t correct them (also, for the umpteenth time) I decided to put an end to the confusion. I decided to finally change my name.

So, the good news? Nothing’s fundamentally changed. Other than the name and the amazing logo by Hope Scott, it’s still the same ole me striking awkward stances and making not-so-funny comments from behind the camera. The other good news? This branding feels the most authentic version of my business — and I guess of me, too — to date.

When I finally decided to fully commit to being a Coffin, I knew that there was one girl for the job. I’ve been following Hope’s work for awhile, and while I love modern calligraphy, I wasn’t sure that the popular fine-art look totally fit my brand. But I did know that I wanted something with a hand-written feel, something that reflected my writing background and joined my love of words with my love of images.

I honestly had no idea what that would look like, but I knew that if anyone could figure it out, Hope could.

So when she asked me which words described my aesthetic, I thought about it (for like, days) and beyond the adjectives — minimalist, alive, honest, intentional — came a statement that I wasn’t expecting:

I’m equally obsessed with Montana and Mexico. The open space and vibrancy. The landscape, lifestyle, and interior design. The way the air smells; the way you’re a little on edge wherever you go. It’s so unspoiled and honest. That’s what I want to be like, what I want my work to be like.

Once I wrote those words, which happened so suddenly that I almost missed them — a feeling that reminds me of what poet Ruth Stone described as catching a poem by it’s tail as it passed through her body, catching it by the tail and pulling it back into her as she wrote it down on the page — I knew was onto something that went beyond a mission statement, or branding cliche.

For the first time, I felt like I found my truth, a statement of purpose not just for my job, but for my life.

I want to be open to everything, a touch on-edge so I don’t miss anything. I want to be unspoiled despite the waste, alive in the midst of darkness. I want to be black and white, but never gray. I want to feel it all. I want remember it all. And I want to capture it all so you remember it, too.

If you made it the end of this, well you deserve a medal, which I’m leaving you in the form of Hope’s gorgeous brand board for SC. I know most people, myself included, don’t have the attention span for lengthy posts anymore. So I promise from here on out to keep it short and sweet, which is what I’m better at anyway. I also promise that you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here: more photos, more words, more me.

Hopefully that’s cool with you.

Sara Coffin Branding Board